In Loving Memory (2004)

A collection for memorial services, funerals and just getting by.

Grief, and fear of death, are the most difficult of subjects. This collection of poetry, and some prose, by some of the  greatest and most moving writers has proved a real comfort to many people during painful times of their lives. While facing up squarely to the many stages of grief, it also explores the ways to find solace and understanding.

Writers here include Dylan Thomas, Sting, Cicero, C.S. Lewis and many, many more. It has run through many editions, been used for many memorials, but is also somewhere to dip into when life gets overwhelming and you need beautiful words to give perspective and encapsulate difficult feelings.

Sally Emerson believes the right attitude to death can make life much happier ‘If one can demote death, make it an incident in life, but recognise that life is the most important thing, then you’re mastering it.’

‘A comprehensive anthology looking two ways at once. As well as offering a wide-ranging selection of readings, Sally Emerson's In Loving Memory offers a whole section of hymns, prayers and readings - presumably in recognition of the fact that even in this secular age people's hearts move to ancient blood-rhythms, suspecting that "on the stroke of midnight God shall win".'  Bel Mooney, The Times

Interview with Sally Emerson

Little, Brown £10.99